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GPI Rebuilt Fuel Pumps and Meters

Please call GPI Customer Service at 800-835-0113 to place your order and check on product availability. Quantities are limited. All re-built products listed come with a One-Year Warranty.

*prices DO NOT include freight

Rebuilt M150S-AU Order Part # R110000-100

Rebuilt M150S- AU Pump
Item # R110000-100

12-Volt DC, 15 GPM, Automatic Nozzle

Only $253.00

Rebuilt M150S-MU Order Part #R110000-99

Rebuilt M150S- MU Pump
Item # R110000-99

12-Volt DC, 15 GPM, Manual Nozzle

Only $219.95


Rebuilt M150S-EM Order Part # R110000-107

Rebuilt M150S EM Pump
Item # R110000-107

12-Volt DC, 15 GPM, Manual Nozzle

Only $189.50

Rebuilt M-1115S Order Part # R110000-81

Rebuilt M1115S Pump
Item # R110000-81

115-Volt AC, 12 GPM, Manual Nozzle

Only $253.00